Our Approach


We believe that meaning and understandings about anything should only be regarded as probabilities and possibilities – as indicators of a limited view, at one point in time. They defy being known, predicted, accurately measured or controlled. They are not rational, logical, and ordered, but irrational, illogical, and muddled concepts.

Based on these beliefs about meaning and understanding, our preferred working strategy is ‘Winging it and making it up as we go!’ Look at, understand, learn from, and respond to what is happening NOW! Be aware, be flexible, be immediate, be better, faster learners from what just happened!


Our work mindset is focused on exploring and expanding both the scope and nature of our understandings. Instead of trying to find the one ‘best’ answer, we seek to increase our view of as many possibilities and probabilities as possible. Within the logistical limitations of time and availability, the more people with their different perspectives, involved more oft en, the more possibilities and probabilities we have to inform us.

Our goal in all work contexts is simple – to help partners to ‘discover the other’ in their partnership. We seek to help partners to explore, clarify and share perspectives about what they think and why they think that way. Partnership questions that matter:

    • What is our partnership purpose?
    • What are our partnership expectations?
    • What is happening now?
    • How are we going- what’s working, what’s not, why that might be so?
    • What do we need to do next?… and,
    • What options do we have to move forward to achieve our partnership purpose more completely or more consistently?


In line with the work we want to do, how we like to work and who we are, our research practice is equally unconventional. For us, any notions of predictability, control, logic, rationality, truth and certainty in research are illusionary and limiting.

As such, our research approach is founded on the philosophy of – “Start somewhere and follow it everywhere”

    • Our research actions are guided by our Core Reciprocity Practices
    • Maintain a mindset that is focused on “the other”
    • Approach all conversations with no result in mind, but with the sole intention of developing deeper inquiry, wherever that leads
    • Continually create opportunities for the emergence of collective insight