FFUN Farmers Head for GRAIN Workshop in Indonesia

Posted 2014-11-09

Future Feeders Joel Orchard and Anais Geshwind have been invited as representatives of FFUN to attend a 3-day regional workshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on the “Challenges of supermarket expansion in Asia” run by GRAIN at the end of September.

The goals of the workshop will be to;
  • Provide information and training on the relation between the expansion of modern retail and issues such as food sovereignty, free trade and foreign investment, labor rights.
  • Creating regional linkages between different groups and networks with different concerns related to modern retail expansion
  • Developing action strategies and highlighting information gaps.

Participants will be from across Asia representing national and regional farmers organizations, regional research networks, small scale traders’ organizations, labour groups and NOGs.

GRAIN’s Asian Coordinator Kartini Simon who has been researching the impacts supermarket expansion across Asia for the past six months will facilitate the workshop. Before Kartini joined GRAIN in 2013 she worked for several years with the Indonesian peasant movement, SPI, and supporting La Via Campesina South East and East Asia Youth’ss communication team. She studied rural development and is actively involved with the peasant and rural youth movements in her country. Kartini’s responsibility is to support GRAIN’s partners in Asia and to implement the programme in the region. Reciprocity will be hosting a visit by Kartini to Australia in late October, early November where she hopes to speak to as many FFUN members as possible and learn about the issues and challenges for family farmers and food sovereignty in Australia.

Joel and Anais will give a presentation of the workshop experiences and learings at the FFUN Spring Gathering in late October.