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Australian Team Members


Scott is a founding member of Reciprocity who has dedicated the last 20 years to researching and exploring how we can build higher and more sustainable levels of reciprocity (mutual-benefit) into the relationships between organisations and within organisations.  Since 2009, Scott has focused his ‘action’ research on the relationships and partnerships within the Global Peasant Movement and specifically the peasant farmer organisation La Via Campesina.



Dianne is a founding member of Reciprocity who has utilised her learnings from 15 years previous experience leading non-profit, member-based organisations. With this broad spectrum of high level, practical experience focused on meeting member needs through the development of relevant and successful partnerships, Dianne has worked with La Via Campesina members across Asia .

Dianne has just returned from 6 months in the UK working with La Via Campesina farmers and supporters there.




Anais has spent the last few years developing her skills as a beginning farmer. Currently based in the Northern Rivers, NSW, Anais has been involved with the development of a youth driven share-farming enterprise. Anais aspires to be a great farmer that empowers other young farmers and helps them connect farmers in Australia and abroad.

Anais is passionate about developing Australia’s sense of food sovereignty and is particularly interested in building a young farmers movement along the lines of The Greenhorns and the National Young Farmers Coalition from the US . Having lived in Barcelona for a few years, Anais often dreams of her one-day patch of dirt in the Catalan countryside complete with pigs, ducks and a plentiful market garden.

Anais Gcshwind



Louise (Lou) is excited to be part of the growing food sovereignty movement in Australia. Based in Brisbane, she has been working with the grassroots organisation ‘Fair Food Brisbane’ at the local level and is an active member of the national committee for the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance.

With a background in political science and community development, her passion for food sovereignty is grounded in a strong sense of social justice that has inspired her project work in a variety of organisations, from Oxfam to smaller NGO’s ( such as The Goodness Inc)

As a researcher with Reciprocity, her goal is to contribute to research that will support the strengthening of family farmer voices and assist individuals and organisations to progress their food sovereignty focussed initiatives.


International Team Members

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Araceli is based in Gexto a suburb of Bilbao in the Basque province of Biscay. She has extensive research, organizational, and language skills (English, Castilian, & Euskara [a little]) and an amazing knowledge of Spanish and Basque history. During 2013-17, Araceli will work as our Basque country coordinator assisting in our developing relationships with Ehne Biskaia campesinos and helping Ehne Biskaia with their preparations for the 7th La Via Campesina International Conference, which will be held in Euskadi (The Basque Country).



Carolina works with her husband on their farm just outside of the city of Barinas. Carolina has also extensive experience in administration, communication and Internet skills. She has been a strong supporter of Reciprocity and its work in Venezuela since 2010. Caroline works as a key contact in Venezuela and helps to coordinate Reciprocity’s cultural exchanges. Carolina also has an important responsibility of maintaining the communication with and information from our three core projects in Barinas, San Felipe and Jaballos (San Cristobal)


Reciprocity Interns


Federico was born in Venezuela and has been with the Reciprocity team since 2011. Since that time, he has contributed to a range of Reciprocity activities both in Australia and overseas. His work on food sovereignty at international policy levels offers an alternative way of conceptualizing food systems. Federico is in the first stages of his PhD at the ANU where he will further explore contributions to food sovereignty thinking and practice. Federico currently assist with all of Reciprocity’s Latin American campesino relationships offering both in-country analysis and support with communications and relationship development.